The purpose of Christian Men’s Defense Network (CMD-N) is to serve as a resource and place of healing for Christian men who have been victims of marital infidelity, frivolous divorce, spiritual abuse from the church, false rape or domestic violence allegations, unjust alimony and child custody laws, and a host of other threats that our misandric society aims at men, especially Christian men who lack the knowledge base and resources to fight back.

As well, the purpose of CMD-N is to educate the Christian community about these threats, to chasten the Christian community when it becomes a cheerleader for these threats, to equip the church with the intellectual resources necessary to fight back against the anti-man and anti-marriage cultural tide,  and to enable the church to serve victimized Christian men in the healing process.

About the Banner Image

I did not choose the banner image haphazardly.  The banner shows a statue in Winchester, England, of King Alfred the Great, the first King of a united England.   Alfred is the only English monarch to officially receive the appellation “the Great.”  Not even the magnificent Queen Elizabeth I is so honored.  Unfortunately, most modern Anglophones know nothing about him.

When the pagan Danes invaded England in the late 9th century, they successfully subdued every kingdom of what is now England except for Alfred’s kingdom of Wessex (modern southwest England).  Alfred alone was left to fight against the murderous and rapacious pagan onslaught.

Eventually, the Danes over-ran Wessex, and Alfred had to retreat to a tiny one square mile island in the midst of a swamp, the Isle of Athelney.  From there, Alfred engaged in a form of guerrilla war against the Danes, raiding and retreating back to Athelney.  Eventually, he was able to gather the fyrd, the equivalent of a militia, to engage in open battle against the Danes.

He first drove the Danes from Wessex, and then eventually drove them from England entirely.  In so doing, he was the first Anglo-Saxon king to control substantially all of modern-day England, and more importantly he was the savior of English Christian civilization.

He is the reason our culture knows about Jesus Christ today instead of the Norse god Odin.

Alfred was a devout Christian who instituted several important reforms.  Most notably, he created a system of education with the intent of enabling every free Christian male within his realm to learn to read in the English tongue.  He did this in part so that young Christian men could be adequately educated on the basics of the Christian faith.  He also personally translated several books of the Bible from Latin into English so that common Christians could read God’s Word.  In so doing, he actually became the father of the English language.

Alfred is the reason you are reading this blog in English today.

Alfred is pictured holding his sword–which he wielded against the ruthless pagans–upside down to symbolize the power of the Cross.  I chose Alfred as a symbol because, like him, so many of us Christian men are sitting today in our own Athelney.  The feminists, under the power of the Prince of Darkness, have invaded the Christian community, much as the pagan Danes invaded 9th century England.  These feminists do not seek female equality, but the subjugation of men and healthy male sexuality, the unlimited sexual liberation of Christian women to commit infidelity and frivolous divorce, and the destruction of the Biblical understanding of Christian marriage.

We alone stand in Athelney, from whence we must ride out in guerilla raids against the powers that are destroying our culture.  Our focus must be on raising the fyrd, gathering Christian men to our side so that we can fight in open spiritual battle with the destructive forces arrayed against us.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.”

P.S. For more about King Alfred the Great, I suggest Benjamin Merkle’s excellent and engrossing biography The White Horse King.  You will not be able to put it down.

12 Responses to About

  1. 7man says:

    I suggest you make an image (and upload it to Gravatar) that will become your commenting “brand” symbol. One possiblity is to make it (black and white stands out) a black skillet with a white B in the center. But think on this for a bit and come up with other ideas.

  2. CL says:

    Do you have a contact email? I don’t see one so I apologise if I just missed it somewhere.

  3. deti says:

    bskillet: please let me know your contact email if you wish.

  4. bskillet81 says:

    I don’t have one associated with this domain yet. I own the domain, so I should be able to get one, but I need to actually figure out how to do it.

  5. CL says:

    I have something to email you so if you like you can email me and 7man at out blog email: 7man.cl [at] gmail

  6. bskillet81 says:

    Okay, got my domain email set up. I can be reached at: b [at] cmd-n.org

  7. bskillet81 says:

    b [at] cmd-n.org

  8. Dreadpiratkevin says:

    For a fictionalized but fact based history of Alfred the Great, try Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon tales series. Beyond excellent, and very fun to read.

  9. bskillet81 says:

    I’m currently about half way through the series. Fun read. However, Alfred was probably not as stodgy as the book makes him out to be.

  10. gdgm+ says:

    BSkillet’s been away from the blog for a couple of weeks. I’m hoping he’s just on vacation, and hasn’t been affected by the wild fires and house damage in the ‘Mountain Time’ regions of the US such as Colorado, Utah etc.

  11. bskillet81 says:

    No, nothing like that. Sadly just been extremely hectic the last few weeks with work and other diversions. Hopefully I’ll have a new post in a few days.

  12. Strong Man says:

    I love this! Doesn’t this image and story re-inspire you to keep your blog going in some form? You’re in a position like your hero, Alfred the Great. Don’t give up now!

    Your writing is excellent and full of wisdom.

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